mother blessings

A Mothers Blessing is both a ceremony and a celebration, shared within a small and sacred community that is held dearest to the mother to be. Typically an afternoon set aside to celebrate the feminine power within, honour transitions, and time spent to nourish the body. These gatherings differ from a baby shower in the sense that the sole intention rests on the mother.  We can express our love and support to the mother in many unique ways…

Our Mothers Blessings often include for the group…

a gentle restorative yoga practice, participation in poetry, song, words of support or prayer, creative group activities and the sharing of deeply nourishing food and drink.

In addition for solely the Mother… aromatherapy head massage, herbal foot soak, and foot massage.

Creative Group Activities

Floral Crown Creation

Beeswax Candle Intention & Gifting

Take Home Herbal Bath Soak

Nourishing Ceremonial Feast 

Food offerings available in grazing style, seated in communal length tables,  resting on textiles, and cushions on the floor.


Mothers Blessings are held at the incredibly dreamy MYOM Yoga Studio downtown St.Catharines, Ontario.

To arrange your event:

For groups of 6-10persons

Please direct all inquiries to Brittany at