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Postpartum CarePostpartum Care

To nurture the family in whichever way is needed most. This often looks like meal preparations, aiding in lighthouse work, sibling care, providing resources, answering questions, newborn care and beyond. 

10 Hours $350 // 20 Hours $650 // 30 Hours $900

Overnight Support    8 Hours $250

Postpartum Kitchen: Packages to Nourish the Mother 

The basic package is crafted using as many organic ingredients as I can source with an emphasis on plant powered goodness. Each item has postpartum minded ingredients that best serve the postpartum body, mind and spirit. 

Basic Nourishing Seasonal Package Offering Includes $25.00

One Frozen Vegetarian Seasonal Soup, One Overnight Oats, One Vegan Desert, Three Servings of Postpartum Herbal Tea Blend, One Jar of Herbal Bath Salts and a list of all ingredients, preparation, expiration and information regarding the benefits of each food given with each and every custom order.

I like to guide people to the basic package, and then provide the option to add additional items they would like to gift for the mother in mind, and mama if this is you shopping for yourself, I commend you, YES you deserve this!


*Free Delivery in St.Catharines, Ontario. Additional Fees for delivery outside of St.Catharines, ON.

Seasonal Soups and Broths $7 500ml Jar (at any time there are two to three different soup options available)

This season we have: Roasted Butternut Squash and Coconut, Loaded Vegetable & Chickpea Stew, Vegetable Beef Stew. 

Black Sesame Tapioca Pearl Pudding $6 250ml Jar A satisfying and deeply nourishing jar of creamy tapioca that carries flavours of vanilla and rich coconut. The addition of black sesame seeds provides not only texture but a lactation boost for new mothers!

Liquid Gold: Organic Ghee $12 250ml Jar Ghee quite simply is clarified butter, which through its cooking and straining process becomes a lactose-free, nutrient dense, immensely flavourful ingredient you can use in a multitude of ways such as adding into warm milks, spreading on bread or using to fry just about anything in a pan! If you haven’t tried ghee before, there is no better time than during your postpartum…it’s absolutely loaded with medicinal properties that help restore your healing body and elevate your emotional wellbeing. 

Overnight Oats $6 250ml Jar Ingredients: *Whole Grain Oats, *Chia Seeds,*Flax Seeds,*Black Sesame Seeds, Dates, Cinnamon, Raw Almonds.  *Organic

Open your mason jar and add 1 cup of your favourite milk of choice (dairy milk, oat, coconut, almond or cashew etc…) Stir really well until combined. Place the lid back on and refrigerate until the next day. When you are ready to eat, stir once again adding more milk if desired. Can be served cold but ideally a little closer to room temperature or warmed up on the stove top as to not startle the digestive system in your early postpartum days. Try experimenting with different toppings such as: Nut-butters, Fruit Jam, Shredded Coconut,Hemp Seeds, Frozen or Fresh Fruits, Maple Syrup, Local Honey, Canned Pumpkin, Cacao Powder… the combinations are endless!

My Moment Ginger Orange Chocolates 12 for $10 These chocolates are made to elevate your spirits with their creamy butter like texture and rich cacao flavours. They also happen to be loaded with good for you ingredients!

Ingredients: Cacao Butter, Coconut Oil, Raw Cacao Powder, Vanilla, Maple Syrup, Vegan Gelatinized Maca Powder, Flaked Sea Salt, Fresh Ginger, Fresh Orange Juice

Mamas All Over Body Oil Blend $12 1/2oz Dropper Bottle

A calm smelling blend that hydrates, soothes and repairs your skin…The properties in these oils have a long history of soothing the soul and easing worries and doubts in new mothers. Frankincense, a highly coveted oil, has been said to encourage a strong bond between mother and baby when their bodies are anointed with the oil! Using the dropper, apply the oil to clean hands and massage into any areas in need loving attention… My personal favourite is to rub into my hands and then massage into the tops of my shoulders, neck and chest. The lingering aroma and momentary pause is sure to shift a thing or two in a positive direction! 

Ingredients: Jojoba oil, Coconut oil, DoTERRA Frankincense, Lavender, Copaiba and Patchouli Essential Oils.

Golden Mylk Turmeric Latte $16 100g bag (30 portions)

 The healing benefits of blended turmeric, spices and ashwganda have all been extensively used in this traditional Indian drink for centuries to help manage stress levels, maintain warmth and support the digestive fire within. Wrap your hands around a warm cup of Golden Mylk during times of worry, anxiety, guilt or doubt as its golden colour encourages feelings of happiness, contentment and joy. Add 1-2 tsp to a cup of your favourite warm milk or plant based mylk. Additional add ins: vanilla, ghee, mct oil, honey, or maple syrup. Can also be used in the preparation of cooked oatmeal, rice pudding, or smoothies!

Ingredients: Turmeric, Ground Ginger, Cinnamon, Saffron, Black Pepper, Cardamon, Ashwganda  

Soak + Mellow Bath Salts $12  A warm soak in herbal mineral water has been a tradition among postpartum women for centuries with good reason! This blend is crafted with organic calendula and lavender flowers, liquid coconut oil and a blend of doTERRA lavender, geranium, frankincense and roman chamomile essential oils that help ease muscle and joint tension, promote healing, and calm the nervous system. Safe for both mother and baby.

PLEASE NOTE: For external use only. This product has not been evaluated by Health Canada and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or take the place of medical advice.
Use within 6 months
Store in a cool dry place
Always seek medical advice before using essential oils if you have a medical condition.

Postpartum Herbal Tea Blend $12 Refreshing tea blended by Foothills Naturals, providing mental and physical balance for a great start of the day with fruity, floral, spicy flavour and fragrant aroma.

Ingredients: *Licorice, *Spearmint, *Orange Peel, *Cinnamon, *Red Rose Buds and Petals,*Raspberry Leaf and *Lemon Verbena
*Organic      Caffeine-Free

Additional Services & Rentals


Mini Birth-Prep Course & text/e-mail Support (Online or in Person) $150

1 In Person Mini Birth Prep Course (2 Hours)

1 In Person Understanding & Creating Your Birth Preferences (2 Hours)

1 In Person Planning for Your Postpartum Care (2 Hours)

text & e-mail support for the entire duration of your pregnancy up to two months postpartum to answer any questions you may have along the way. 

Detailed Printout of Birth Preferences & Local Postpartum Resource List

OBI TENS Machine Rental $45.00

Rent during weeks 37-42 of your pregnancy. An excellent options for birthers interested in natural pain relieving methods for back labour. To find out more information please read the following: TENS for Pain Relief in Labour


You can contact Brittany via e-mail at for any and all inquiries.


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