Brittany Boersma

Brittany has completed her 500 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training at Yogaspace, Toronto. Specific areas of study she pursued included Therapeutic Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Flow Yoga, Advanced Hatha, Pre-Natal, and Adapting Asana for People with Limited Mobility. After completing both of the 200 and 300 hour programs Brittany feels she has only just begun one of the greatest journeys of her life…

Having studied closely with Kathryn Beet, Patricia White and Hali Schwartz, Brittany has developed a style of teaching that respects the individuality of each practitioner regarding flexibility, alignment, breathing patterns and mental state of mind. With interests in all styles of yoga, the therapeutic aspects, take the fore-front in each of her classes. She places permanence on the direction of breath and surrender in every pose. Allowing students ample opportunity to release tension and holding in body and mind…

Brittany’s main passion lies in re-connecting her students body and mind awareness through the direction of breath and physical surrender or “letting go”. She believes this encourages people to experience themselves as a whole, breathing, healthy body. People can expect to leave her class feeling centred, at ease, and with a heart uplifted.


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