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What is Therapeutic Yogassage?

Therapeutic Yogassage is the beautiful creation of Kathryn Beet, the studio director of Yogaspace. She is also one of the main mentors with whom I am so grateful to train with at Yogaspace. This artful practice is effectively designed for the release of deep tension and holding in the body.  In a session with me we will use a variety of soft props (mexican blankets, bolsters, lavender eye pillows, and sandbags) to help fully support your body though a series of gentle restorative yoga poses, all the while accompanied with various massage techniques for head, face, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, feet and back massage. Natural massage oils, essential oils, beeswax candles and soothing music are all used to help set the atmosphere for body restoration. Therapeutic yoga  is deeply nourishing for body,mind & soul.

Benefits of Therapeutic Yogassage

  • alleviates chronic aches and pain
  • activates the para-sympethic nervous system, therefore helps people suffering with insomnia, depression and anxiety
  • encourages the practice of Metta or Loving Kindness
  • reduces stress
  • encourages emotional healing
  • improves circulation
  • is an acceptable practice for those with limited mobility

Therapeutic Sessions in Studio

$60/60 Minutes

$75/90 Minutes

Private Yoga Instructiontherapeuticassist

Private yoga sessions are a fantastic way to start developing or deepening your yoga practice.  They allow yoga to be more accessible to people who may not feel comfortable attending a group class, or to those who are suffering from injuries or limited mobility. Private classes are always specifically designed to help support your needs and  interests.

Private Yoga Offers:

  • a safe, judgement free space
  • a customized class specific to your needs
  • helpful assists
  • lines of communication are always open to answer any of your questions
  • a time frame that may be easier to fit into your work schedule
  • helps develop a lasting personal practice that you can take with you, anywhere anytime
  • relief from stress, anxiety, depression
  • works on building good posture
  • encourages the release of stress and tension so that a positive flow of energy can be experienced
  • a private meditation and pranayama (breathing techniques) exercises

***Pre and Postnatal Classes Available***

Private Yoga Classes in Studio

$60/60 Minutes

$75/90 Minutes

All fees include HST

Please feel free to message me for information on pricing options for multiple classes~