doula services

Birth Essentials $700Birth Essentials Package $700

On going doula support for your pregnancy, birth and postpartum.


1 In Person Creating Birth Preferences (2 Hours)

1 In Person Planning Your Postpartum (2 Hours)

24/7 On Call Support beginning at 37 weeks

Continuous Labour Support

1-3 Hours of Support Directly Following the Birth

2 Postpartum Visit (4 Hours)

Detailed Printout of Birth Preferences

TENS Machine Rental

e-mail, text and phone support

Free Book Rentals 

Postpartum CarePostpartum Care

To nurture the family in whatever way is needed most. This often looks like meal preparations, aiding in lighthouse work, sibling care, providing resources, answering questions, newborn care and beyond. 

10 Hours $350

20 Hours $650

30 Hours $900

Overnight Support    8 Hours $250 

mini birth prep $120Mini Birth-Prep Course & text/e-mail Support

1 In Person Mini Birth Prep Course (3 Hours)

1 In Person Understanding & Creating Your Birth Preferences (2 Hours)

1 In Person Planning for Your Postpartum Care (2 Hours)

text & e-mail support for the entire duration of your pregnancy up to two months postpartum to answer any questions you may have along the way. 

Detailed Printout of Birth Preferences & Local Postpartum Resource List

Free Book Rentals


Additional Services & Rentals

Understanding Your Options: Creating Your Birth Preferences “Plan”

$45.00 (2 Hours) 

Feeling overwhelmed by your options?

Let me help you feel empowered about the decisions you make during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum! Using current evidence based research I will help you understand the pro/cons, risks and benefits for the many options your health care provider is or isn’t offering.  Once informed, we can work together to create a Birth Preferences/Plan that you and your birth team fully understand and feel confidant about!

Planning for your Postpartum Experience $45 (2 Hours)

You have planned for the birth for your baby but what about life at home with your newborn? Many parents underestimate just how much time and energy is spent caring for their new baby.  Getting honest about your current expectations versus reality can help avoid feelings of overwhelm during this major life transition. In this session some of the important topics we will cover are: Postpartum Physical Healing, Infant Sleep, Infant Feeding, Managing Household Tasks, Relationship Expectations, Personal and Family Boundaries, Delegated Support, Mental Health, Local Resources, Postpartum Nourishment and more…

Comfort Measures for Labour $45.00 (2 hour)

Natural comfort measures to help support you through your labour…

Let me help you feel prepared to handle your labour with natural comfort measures. The pregnant body is a powerful thing, and labour is indeed a marathon that runs smoothest if well prepared for. Together we will cover, breathing, positions, meditation, affirmations, images, hands on techniques, essential oils, music and much more. Bring your labour support person so they know how to best support your evolving birthing needs!

OBI TENS Machine Rental $65.00

Rent during weeks 37-42 of your pregnancy. An excellent options for birthers interested in natural pain relieving methods for back labour. To find out more information please read the following: TENS for Pain Relief in Labour

Pregnancy Plant Medicine: Essential Oil Education (1 hour $25.00 fee waived with doTERRA enrolment $42)

Let me help you understand all the ways in which pure doTERRA essential oils can support you during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.


You can contact Brittany via e-mail at for any and all inquiries.


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  1. Hello =) ,
    I had the pleasure of meeting Brittany through the Teacher Training last year. I really enjoyed being in the training and miss those times very much… Brittany, I know I have not been in touch , but I really did appreciate meeting you. You are pleasant to be around, always make others around you feel comfortable and I am really happy for you to be out there teaching!

    Brittany’s openness towards others during yoga practice, is a beautiful quality that I think students of different abilities and backgrounds will really benefit from and appreciate.

    All the best, always! 🙂
    Maria Jawaid

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